Friday, March 7, 2008

What is a 'good art piece'

Many of my friends have asked me, as how do you know that 'this is a good art work' just by looking at a painting? How do we judge a painting - they ask me.

One easy method is to LOOK at the painting. One can never judge without looking at a painting. It is advisable to 'look' at a painting for at least 5 minutes. Some paintings that do not catch your attention at first glance seem to 'grow on you' when you spend a few minutes 'looking' at it.

I have noticed this in the 'Louvre' the famous art museum in Paris. People spend days in just one room of the art museum, staring at some of the paintings for hours. It may take months to cover all the paintings displayed there. One of the most famous paintings displayed at the 'Louvre' is the world famous 'MONA LISA', by the world famous artist Leonardo da vinci.

I have had the opportunity to visit the museum twice, and each time I did get to have a glimpse of the ' Mona Lisa from a short distance only, because there are thousands of visitors coming to see 'Mona Lisa', and it is difficult to by pass the crowd leava alone have a 'long look' at the painting - long enough to allow it to grow on you !

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David G.Wilson said...

It is true that one does not get to spend a lot of time looking at the Mona Lisa because of the crowd. The line to see that portrait is at least 1200 feet long and furthermore it is displayed behind glass for security purposes; it was stolen in 1911. However, there are so many published images of the Mona Lisa that one can examine the image better from published photos. I was allowed only a few seconds to look at her before an irate visitor felt that I should move on. I have examined the details of the picture for the past twenty-nine years and I have executed at least six different versions of it showing alternative realities that I have discovered in the image. Leonardo da Vinci said, "The artist who wishes to enhance his faculties for creative invention can perceive whatever he wishes to see in a stain on the wall" So I have looked and have seen a plethora of hidden images in the Mona Lisa portrait. Believe it or not, there is a dog, a kitten and a gondola in that portrait. You may see what I have done with the image on my website at You may be surprised at what the artist's eyes may find if he looks.