Sunday, February 10, 2008


First time buyers of art need not necessarily be collectors of Art. But you can gradually becone an 'Art Collector' as you buy more and more paintings. This helps you to learn more about paintings, and get an insight of what is all the hype about paintings.
It is advisable for first time buyers (wanting to become good collectors ot Art) to buy paintings that are not too expensive at first. This minimises the risk factor. Decisions should be based on likability and rate- in that order.
Likability - A painting that you like will always keep you saisfied even if you come to know later that the painting may not necessarily be valuable. --At least you bought it to satisfy yourself. Trust yourself first.
Rate - It is advisable to buy paintings that are of a reasonable rate on the higher side. Very cheap paintings are priced for the value that they represent. But make sure that they are not too ex pensive either.


Large paintings, or small paintings? Which is the in-thing today?
Large paintings are generally suitable for offices and large rooms and large wall spaces in large family homes. Sometimes large paintings can cover even full wall space.
Surprisingly, small paintings are suitable for both large offices, large wall spaces in large homes, and apartments, as well as smaller homes, offices, and apartments. The trick is in selecting the right frame for the painting! Nowadays an extensive range of frames are available for all sorts of paintings to suit various wall colors and interiors.
Large, as well as small paintings are in today. It is good fine art that actually matters