Sunday, March 2, 2008

Knowledge of Art

Should a buyer of art need to know, about the nuances of drawing and painting? Should he know about the styles of painting, the materials used, etc, etc.

What a buyer need to really have is an eye for good art. I he/she is able to appreciate a painting or art work, it is not a must that he/she should be aware of all the styles and details of painting. Because if the buyer likes what he sees, it is proof enough that the art work is good.

But it will do no harm for the buyer to have a little know hows, - say probably the various styles an artist uses while creating art or so, because it helps him/her to appreciate the art even more. A buyer who spends time on learning about the artist, and his paintings, and his works has a better chance of getting to know more.

As a buyer learns more and more from buying, he becomes a Collector. So a Collector naturally has knowledge of the fine art from various artists, and sometimes has preferences for certain artists and their works.

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